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The Balinese and Indonesian culture have a long history of traditional healing, that is called Jamu.

The lush Balinese landscape produces a very wide range of herbal medicine from trees, bark, roots, plants, leaves and flowers all used in the traditional Balinese healing method is a specially formulated through ''lontar usada'' and combine with the belief of Divine energy, to help cure many decease.

Jamu is used for inner and outer health as well beauty. The history of Jamu in Indonesia is around 1300 years old and was influenced by Ayur Veda from India, the ancient practise is handed down from generation to the other.


Healing with natural herbs

Ritual Melukat 

Ritual purification (melukat) is considered a sacred act, taking place at a spiritual spring. Putting water in a clay jug mix with different kind of flowers, through beseech and praying to the Goddess Dewa Ayu and having energy transfer to the water. Then, taking a bath in a spring water pound will purify you and also has power to wash all external and internal negative energy. It  will help to give you strength, sensitivity and longevity.

Tirta Wangsupada 

The exotic beauty

Spiritual devotion & Splendid  Nature

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A place where one feels spiritually inspired, revitalized & love !

 The Tirta (holy water) obtained from certain water sources through beseech to Divine or Goddess are placed in front of the temple or shrine in the company of certain offerings. We begin with prayers to ask for blessing from Divine, after the water is sprinkle three times on the head, it is also consumed and then we clean our faces with it. Tirta is the symbol of life and delivering immortality.

rHealth is a gift of life, health is the most precious gift in life and without it we have nothing. We rarely think of our health when we are well, the only time we think of it is when we lose it. Then nothing matters other than having our health back again,  we want to do everything to stay healthy.

Here, we would like to ask all of you, to join us by taking a spiritual holiday in Bali, the island of Gods, to be grateful for your health and to continues to receive it , you will notice your energy, vitality and happiness increase.  We will learn through some process, like meditation the part of wisdom, healing therapy the part to improve your overall wellbeing and soft yoga for breathing, flexibility and strength.

After ,continue on daily practice of gratitude your gift from God, you can improve also your eyesight, earring and all your senses, along with every function in your entire body for the rest of your life.


On a pilgrimage to the island of Gods, you will be immersed in a atmosphere of exotic beauty, spiritual devotion and splendid nature.


Guided by numerous Balians < natural healers > and priests that are practice here in Bali will help you to create respite and rejuvenation to our body, mind and soul.

Through meditation and physical awareness program, we will learn how to heal with loving kindness and embrace a life of joyfulness. The meditation focus on how we can train our mind to surrender negative thought, worry, trauma and bad energy. The technique teach us how to understand the present inside our body-mind through silent breathing technique which help to alleviate the impact of negative situation, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and addictions.

Om Awignam Astu Namo Sidham 

The greatest wealth is health of our body, mind and soul 

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